Wedding Content Creation Frequently Asked Questions 

If you’re active on social media you’ve probably heard about the latest wedding vendor on the market: Wedding Day Content Creators. With this corner of the wedding industry being so new, I know people have so many questions, and I’m here to answer them! Continue reading for everything you need to know about wedding content creation.  

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What is wedding day content creation? 

Wedding Day Content Creation is a service that you can hire for your wedding day to get short video clips, mostly focused on capturing behind-the-scenes content. Content creators capture videos on their phones, and provide much faster turnaround time than traditional videography. 

How is wedding content creation different than videography? 

Videography is an amazing wedding service and one that pairs great with content creation! While traditional videographers will use high-cost gear and provide horizontal videos, content creators will use an iPhone to capture vertical videos of your day. Videographers also usually have special gear for capturing crisp audio, which most content creators don’t have. With a traditional videographer, you are delivered a 5-10 highlight video, and many don’t offer the ability to buy all the unedited footage from the day. With a content creator, you will receive all of the unedited videos, and your edited videos will be 1-2 minutes long. Videography usually takes several weeks or months to return your final video, whereas content creation usually delivers your videos within 24 hours. And finally, due to their editing time and high equipment cost, videography usually comes in at a much higher price point than content creation. 

Do you take pictures too? 

This will vary by person, but here at Content by Liz, we do take pictures as well! While video content is our primary focus on your wedding day, we try to grab a few photos throughout the day so you have something to share or use as cover photos! All photos are delivered completely unedited. 

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Do I need to be social media famous to hire a wedding day content creator? 

Absolutely not! Though wedding day content creation originated in the influencer sphere, it has grown rapidly and 99% of my couples don’t have large social media followings. In fact, we’ve even worked with some couples who aren’t active on social media at all and just prefer to have video content to look back on and share directly with close friends and family. 

How soon do I get my content? 

Here at Content by Liz, we guarantee all unedited content to be delivered within 4 hours after your event, and edited videos within 48 hours. 

How much does wedding content creation cost? 

In general, wedding content creation prices can range from $500 – $2000+. At Content by Liz, our packages start at $800 for six hours. 

Wedding Day Content Creation with Content by Liz 

When you invest in a vendor for your wedding day, you’re taking a big leap of faith, so it’s important that you have as much information as possible before diving in. I always make sure to hop on a call with my clients before sending over the contract so we can make sure we’re on the same page! If you’re interested in Wedding Day Content Creation in the Baltimore or DC areas, I’d love to work together! Fill out the form on my contact page to see if Content by Liz is available on your wedding date!