marketing for wedding vendors

Customized marketing plan

Whether you’ve been in the industry for 20 years or are just starting out, marketing your business in the ever-changing wedding landscape is tough. Before we start, we’ll talk about all of your business pain points to come up with the best plan for you. Whether that means focusing on SEO so you don’t have to worry about social media, or pivoting your business to a new city or state, we’ll make sure you’re spending your money where it will be the most helpful to you. 

Everything but the wedding.

As a wedding business owner myself, I understand that your brand is your baby. For most clients, I’m the first person they’ve ever hired to come on board and assist them, and I know that can be scary! My main goal with my clients is always to prioritize open communication, so we’re on the same page and you’re getting exactly what you need out of my services.

How to

Established in 2021

After four years in the tourism marketing space, being a bride in 2020 opened my eyes to what I really wanted to do. What started as helping out some friends with their wedding business turned into a full-time job and I decided to leave my corporate job in June of 2021. Since then, I’ve helped dozens of wedding vendors take tasks off their plate, optimize their business, and focus on their clients instead of the back end. 

Kind Words

How much is it?

The pricing


$ 100 weekly
  • Photo Selection
  • Caption Writing
  • Analytics Reports


$ 200 weekly
  • Reels Creation
  • Photo Selection
  • Caption Writing


$ 100 each
  • Photo Selection
  • 300 - 700 Words
  • Form Submission


$ 125 each
  • 300 - 700 Words
  • Photo Selection
  • SEO Optimization

Looking to DIY your own marketing?

Shop my etsy for location guides, wedding client guides, and even a spreadsheet with all the most important info to submit your weddings to major publications!